Full Story: The Announcement

September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Moving the nest to a new place is worthy of much excitement and cause for celebration.  Why minimize this announcement to a sad little email?  Frown face. But have no fear! There is another way.  Trade ‘sad email’ for ‘happy snail mail.’ Yesss…remember when you used to walk to your mailbox instead of clicking on your inbox?  Ahhh..those were the days!

View it as an opportunity to remind far away loved ones that you are thinking of them and want them to be included in the news of your life.  No one can deny the special feeling of receiving something personalized in the mail.  Discovering that handwritten envelope amidst the hunk of junk is always a treasure. I says – getting mail shouldn’t be such a rarity.  Let’s bring it back.
P.S.  Sending snail mail should not be limited to those who live far away.  I know it’s a little sils mcgils, but I still cherish sending love letters to a man that only lives 10 minutes away.  Moral of the story: Handwritten Letters > Emails
P.P.S.  That man I send love letters to is the photographer for all these images. He is quite amazing, that James Fitzgerald III

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