The Abrahams

September 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

This summer has been marked by weddings galore.  As happy as I am for each couple, I have to admit that attending weddings every weekend can get tiresome. I can feel cynicism creep in.  I become numb to one of God’s greatest gifts to man.  It’s easy to do this when things seem repetitive.  But when you stop and consider how beautifully mysterious marriage is when centered in Christ, it is hard not to be overwhelmed.  The vows, the covenant under God, the union when two become one flesh.  This is always a truly amazing thing to witness, even on a weekly basis.

As Christians, we have an amazing opportunity to use the gifts we’ve been given to further the gospel and proclaim Jesus’ name.  Jay and I are always asking why we both left our stable career paths for this undefined and complicated one as “artists.”   I don’t know exactly what God’s will is for our lives and how it translates to creative work.  But in the meantime, I am enjoying the opportunities we have to share God’s beauty through what we do with our hands.

The Abraham wedding was not only a blessing because of their marriage, but it provided another opportunity to collaborate with Jay.  He was the photographer, I was the assistant.  I also had a grand ole time drawing the Schoolhouse Electric building for their label (where the reception took place).  It is a joy to think of ways we can better serve the couple through our work.  It is an honor to be part of what God has brought together.  It is exciting to sit down and consider what makes them unique, and how we can capture that.  We are blessed, indeed.

So with that – Congratulations, John and Lauren!  As John says, “Lauren is officially a Babe-raham.”  Yes, you are.  Thanks for letting us be part of the incredibly special day!

All photos by James Fitzgerald III and Joy Kim of MADE BY SOHN


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