The Ace Hotel & Joshua Tree

June 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

In my humble opinion, the Ace Hotel is able to take an old motel and turn it into a destination spot because of their extreme attention to detail, especially in their design and amenities.  The Palm Springs location did not disappoint in this regard.   If you’re wondering, I did, indeed live in that Moroccan striped robe our entire stay and enjoyed every minute of it.

Their poolside was surprisingly low key (which we were very happy about) and pretty genius.  I never had to struggle with the sun/shade ratio due to the design of their chairs and umbrellas.  And when I wanted to seriously lounge, I plopped myself on one of their massive green canvas pillows and had some solid nap time.  When it was too hot, I napped in a yellow donut.

Joshua Tree is about an hour from the Ace Hotel and completely worth visiting.  I was unfortunately quite ill when we went and could barely muster the energy to leave the car.  Thus, the number of photos is few.  It’s hard to describe Joshua Tree in words, but it is definitely other-worldly.  There may have been references to Star Wars at some point and an imitation of the yelling Sand People.  Perhaps we got carried away?   Most likely.

Admitting to the fact that Jay and I both know what “sand people” are and what they sound like is probably an indication that it’s time to wrap up this post.  On that note, I’ll end here. ‘Til next time.

Photo 1,2,3,4,6 by James Fitzgerald III

Photo 5 by Joy Sunyoung Fitzgerald of MADE BY SOHN


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