For calligraphy / illustration / styling inquiries:

Photo by James Fitzgerald III


§ 4 Responses to Contact

  • Tracy says:

    I was wondering if you do business cards? Loving everything you do!

  • Kirsten Hartley says:

    How lovely and encouraging! thank you!

  • SarahBetania says:

    I would love to start by saying how much your work inspires me. Not only in its craftsmanship however but in the heart and faith behind it. I have looked everywhere for your story because you are so upfront in your beliefs, something which I strongly appreciate as an artist. There is a stark beauty in your honesty that I wish other artists would copy. Thank you.

    I love your print “Remember Your True North” that you made with Hackwith Design House and wanted to know if there is anywhere that I could find it. It’s the theme for this life of mine as I move a lot and have to focus on my faithful North Star who never leaves me nor forsakes me.

    Thank you!

    (I am commenting here because the email address above wouldn’t work! I hope this reaches you.)

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